Workplace Features

Seecure can be tailored according to your requirements. Use Seecure workplace features to create the system that fits your work days. 

Alarm button

Seecure alarm button is a lightweight button that enables fast and easy alarm activation, allowing you to leave your smartphone in your pocket, purse or in your vehicle.

The button can be attached to clothes, keyrings or similar by using the metal clip.

Location Beacons

It is important to quickly locate your co-workers when an incident occurs.

Seecure location beacons can instantly determine exactly where a user is

The beacons can pinpoint exactly in which room and on what floor the user is.

Seecure Hub

Seecure Hub is a reliable safety solution that enables alarm activation without having to use smartphones.

Hubs can be paired with Seecure alarm buttons, allowing employees to alert their co-workers that they require assistance, without having to use a smartphone.

Easy to manage and maintain your system

Seecure Web Console

Managing and maintaining your system should be easy and accessible. Seecure Web Console lets you view alarms, troubleshoot both smartphone and beacons, as well as manage groups and geographical locations.

Seecure Groups

The alarm center lets you view incoming alarms at your computer. Additionally, to ensure that the correct actions are taken, you can customize an alarm action plan.

Alarm Action plans

To ensure that the recipient takes the correct action during active alarms, alarm action plans can be configured. The alarm action plan will also be displayed within the alarm center during active alarms. ​

System reports

System reports help you maintain your system and its components. Make sure that all users have the correct settings, and that beacons are up and running.