We provide powerful and customizable workplace safety for all workplace members

Workplace risks


of the hospitality workers have been sexually harassed or assaulted


of the delivery riders have felt unsafe during work


nurses are assaulted every day in the US, on average


injuries in the manufacturing industries were reported in the US

Increase your daily workplace safety

Tailor Seecure to fit your organization and your requirements. Select the features that make your workdays safer.

Smartphone app

Activate and receive alarms. Communicate with contacts and co-workers

alarm buttons

Fast and easy way to activate alarms

Exact positioning

Use location beacons to pinpoint users indoors and outdoors

Seecure Hub

An alternative solution when smartphones cannot be used

Beacon Solution
When you need exact indoor positioning, Seecure location beacons are the answer for you. The beacons will quickly identify and present which floor, and which room a user is in. And by equipping the employees with a personal alarm button, they can easily activate alarms during incidents.
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Hub Solution
Smartphones cannot always be used, sometimes due to the risk of interfering with technical equipment, or due to specific workplace limitations. The Hub is easily paired with our alarm buttons, ensuring daily workplace safety without smartphones.
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Smartphone Solution
Not all companies have employees that work from a fixed location. However, you can still use the Seecure application to increase daily safety. The application will use the smartphone's GPS to locate the users, and transmit the GPS position during active alarm.
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Cost-effective system

We believe that safety should be accessible for everyone and that you shouldn’t be forced to pay for features that you cannot use. Seecure lets you select the exact features that you benefit from, giving you control. 

Law Compliant

Seecure is designed and developed to be fully compliant with existing laws and regulations, for instance, Alyssa’s Law in the US, as well as the hotel regulations in Washington and Florida. 


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