Seecure offers multiple features that increase the safety for your co-workers. The flexibility of the system lets any type of organization tailor a safety system.

Smartphone application

In-app communication

Wearable alarm buttons

Exact indoor positioning

easy alarm activation

Web administration

Desktop alarm center

Alarm action plans

Seecure Hub

emergency text messages

Live positioning

Alarm monitoring

Customize Seecure to fit your company

Read how Seecure can be uesd to protect employees in different work fields, and how you can customize it according to your requirements. 

Seecure Workplace can be tailored to fit your organization’s safety requirements. As the system includes multiple different features, it can easily be configured to any field of work, increasing the daily safety of all employees.

Customize your workplace groups depending on the employees work location, work hours or roles within the company.

Among the settings that can be adjusted is their access to the in-app communication feature, and how their alarms should be distributed and received, and much more.

The Seecure Web Console also lets administrators view system reports to ensure that Seecure is up and running as intended.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, the Seecure Web Console consists of an Alarm Center, that lets the company internally handle any incoming alarm. The Alarm Center displays the incoming alarm, completed with information about the alarm sender and their location.

The Alarm Center also consists of a customizable Alarm Action Plan to ensure that the recipient can take the correct action, to increase the precision of the alarm response and the safety of the alarm sender.

Hotel employees are often at a higher risk of harassment as they work alone for long periods of time. According to Nordic HRCT, approximately 35% of all employees in the hospitality sector have experienced sexual harassment at work – while other unions report much higher numbers than that. As a result of this, multiple states in the US now require hotels to equip their employees with a digital safety system.

Seecure currently provides hotels in Miami with a solution that meets the requirements of the new laws. The hotels can equip their employees with the Seecure alarm button, enabling quick and easy alarm activation without having to use their smartphones. This lets the employees activate an alarm instantly when they experience any harassment, threats or increased risk of violence.

Additionally, to increase the precision of the system while indoors, Seecure location beacons are installed throughout the hotels – providing information about which floor the user is on, and in which room the user is in (precision depends on installation frequency).

Alyssa’s Law is a law in several states in the US that aims to reduce the response time of law enforcement in public schools. The law requires schools to have “panic buttons” that enable silent alarm activation in case of fires, school shooters, lockdowns or other emergencies.

Seecure can be configured to distribute silent alarms to co-workers and external security services that meet the requirements.

The application can be used by the teachers for everyday communication or for urgent requests, for instance if they notice unusual or suspicious behavior within the school premises.

Seecure Web Console includes an emergency text message feature that can be used to notify everyone within the workplace of an ongoing emergency. The messages can be customized to ensure that the recipients take the correct action to protect themselves.

For the employees who work alone in any industry environment, Seecure can be used to alert co-workers during incidents. If the employees are working indoors, in production, the Seecure alarm button can be used to alert co-workers during accidents. The button can be used personally, or by using the adhesive and attaching it to selected surfaces.

By utilizing a combination of personal alarm buttons and fixed buttons, you can ensure that a button is always within reach for anyone within the workplace.

This application can also be used when employees are working alone, for example in agricultural or forestry, to quickly locate them in case of traffic accidents, being bogged down, or any type of emergency.

By installing location beacons, the incident can be quickly located and assistance can be directed to the exact location of the incident.

As e-commerce and deliveries has increased during the last couple of years, so has the risks of the employees. A lot of focus has been on protecting the goods, but it is equally (if not more) important to protect the employees.

Seecure is used by a globally recognized delivery company to increase the safety of their employees during their delivery runs. The riders have the application, and selected users are equipped with the alarm button.

When a user experiences a threatening situation or an accident, they can easily activate an alarm to alert the administrators and security responsible at the local administration office.

By configuring a detailed alarm action plan, the administrators can easily handle the alarm to ensure the safety of the riders. The action plans can for instance include contacting the user to receive more information regarding the situation, and depending on response, contact local authorities or personally drive to the user to assist on the scene.

Hospitals can use Seecure to increase both employee and patient safety. Seecure alarm buttons can be attached in general areas, for instance in the reception of specific hospital wards and in patient rooms.

The system can be set up to ensure that alarms are only distributed to co-workers currently working in the same building, or to on-site security personnel.

Using the Seecure Hub and Seecure alarm buttons, users can quickly activate alarms that present their position without using smartphones. The solution can be used in the reception, where employees might work for short periods of time. It can also be used by patients, with a fixed alarm button to transmit distress calls when they require assistance.

The systems are not mutually exclusive, and the solution using smartphones and location beacons can be used within the same facility. Whenever entering a specific area within the hospitals where phones are prohibited, the users can switch to using a separate alarm button connected to the installed Seecure Hubs.

Perfect your safety system

By selecting the features you can personalize your safety system, reducing your cost and improving your daily workplace safety.